The registration fee of 100 USD covers three lunches and the final conference dinner. For students who want to participate in the conference the registration fee is reduced to $ 50. The registration fee should be payed in Turkish Liras at the start of the conference.


Thursday, June 6

Plenary Session, 10:00–13:00, in A 306 (Mavi Salon), chair: Manuel Knoll (Fatih University)

10:00–10:30 Welcome speeches and introduction to the topic of the conference by Manuel Knoll
10:30–11:15 Harun Tepe (Hacettepe University), “Justice in Life and Philosophy: One Demand and Many Concepts”
11:15–12:00 Ulrich Steinvorth (Hamburg University), “On Irreconcilable Conceptions of Justice”
12:00–12:15 Tea/Coffee Break
12:15–13:00 Giovanni Giorgini (Bologna University), “Imagination and Conflict: After Stuart Hamshire”

Lunch 13:00–14:30

Parallel Panel I, 14:30–17:45, in A 351 (Kırmızı Salon), chair: Marc Rölli (Fatih University)

14:30–15:25 Maria Dimitrova (Sofia University), “Responsibility and Justice: Beyond Rawls’ Moral Egalitarianism and Rational Consensus”
15:35–16:30 Martin Rechenauer (Munich University), “Deontic Logic of Contractualist Ethics and Consensus”
16:30–16:50 Tea/Coffee Break
16:50–17:45 Kok-Chor Tan (University of Pennsylvania), “Injustice, Institutions and Personal Responsibility”

Parallel Panel II, 14:30–19:00, in A 306 (Mavi Salon), chair: Manuel Knoll (Fatih University)

14:30–15:25 Peter Koller (Graz University), “A Defense of the Difference Principle Beyond Rawls”
15:35–16:30 Michael Haus (Heidelberg University), “Beyond Rawls or Backwards to Political Romanticism? Walzer’s Contribution to the Theory of Justice”
16:30–16:50 Tea/Coffee Break
16:50–17:45 Lawrence Hatab (Old Dominion University), “The Dissonance of Justice: Nietzsche's Will to Power and Politics”
17:45–18:00 Tea/Coffee Break
18:00–18:55 Jonathan Wolff (University College London), “Social Equality and Severe Disadvantage”

19:10 Busses depart from Fatih University to the Bosporus cruise and opening dinner

Friday, June 7

Panel 1: Rawls I, 10:00–12:30, in A 235, chair: David Butorac (Fatih University)

10:00–10:45 Matthew Jernberg (Boğaziçi University), “Introducing Public Reason”
10:45–11:30 Matej Cibik (Charles University, Prague), “Original Position and the Role of Intuitions in A Theory of Justice”
11:30–11:45 Tea/Coffee Break
11:45–12:30 Michal Rupniewski (University of Lodz), “The Legal Nature of an Overlapping Consensus: Reinterpreting Rawls’ Doctrine of Political Liberalism”

Panel 2, 10:00–12:30, in A 204, chair: Tahir Abbas (Fatih University)

10:00–10:45 Havva Neşe Özgen (Fatih University): “Changes in the Concept of Territory: New Ummah Rules Beyond EU and Turkey’s Southeast Borders on the Last Decade”
10:45–11:30 James D. Smith (i4 Advantage, LLC), “Conflict, Society, Justice: A Proposal for an Alternate View on Social Justice Development”
11:30–11:45 Tea/Coffee Break
11:45–12:30 Alexander L. Gungov (Sofia Univerity), “Justice as Fairness: Avoiding Coercion by a Self-Delusive Consensus”

Panel 3: Modus Vivendi/Conflictual Consensus, 10:00–12:30, in A 306 (Mavi Salon), chair: Manuel Knoll (Fatih University)

10:00–10:45 Ulrike Spohn (University of Münster), “From (Overlapping) Consensus to Modus Vivendi? A Critical Appraisal of Charles Taylor’s Approach to the Problem of Moral Pluralism”
10:45–11:30 Fabian Wendt (University of Hamburg), “Disagreement on Justice in Ideal Theory”
11:30–11:45 Tea/Coffee Break
11:45–12:30 Manon Westphal (University of Münster), “Pluralism and the Idea of a 'Conflictual Consensus'”

Panel 4: International Distributive Justice, 10:00–11:45, in A 351(Kırmızı Salon), chair: Stephen Snyder (Fatih University)

10:00–10:45 Annette Förster (RWTH Aachen University), “Distributive Justice: Rawls and Beyond”
11:30–11:45 Tea/Coffee Break

Lunch 12:30–14:00

Panel 5, 14:00–17:35, in A 351(Kırmızı Salon), chair: Rainer Brömer (Fatih University)

14:00–14:45 Aysel Demir (Aksaray University), “The Difference Principle and its Marxist Critique”
14:55–15:40 Sibel Kibar (Kastamonu University), “Absence of Exploitation as a Principle of Justice”
15:40–15:55 Tea/Coffee Break
15:55–16:40 Şengül Çelik (Fatih University), “How is it Possible to Have a Theory of Justice without a Theory of First Ownership?”
16:50–17:35 Alberto L. Siani (University of Münster), “Justice and the Privatisation of Human Nature: Hegel and Rawls”

Panel 6, 14:00–17:35, in A 235, chair: Vassil Anastassov (Fatih University)

14:00–14:45 Adina Preda (University of Limerick), “Are There Any Conflicting Rights?”
14:55–15:40 Tom Angier (University of St Andrews), “Liberal Virtues: An Aristotelian Critique”
15:40–15:55 Tea/Coffee Break
15:55–16:40 Tom Bailey (John Cabot University), “Rethinking Conflict and Consensus: Habermas and Rawls on Religion”
16:50–17:35 Stephen Snyder (Fatih University), “Conceptions of Justice and Changing Human Nature”

Panel 7, 14:00–17:35, in A 306 (Mavi Salon), chair: Lucas Thorpe (Boğaziçi University)

14:00–14:45 Anna Schriefl/ Simon Weber (Bonn University), "The Justification of Inequality: Plato and Aristotle on Distributing Political Rights"
14:55–15:40 Marc Rölli (Fatih University), “Pluralism and Power: Toward a Pragmatist Concept of Justice”
15:40–15:55 Tea/Coffee Break
15:55–16:40 Andrea Quitz (Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg), “The Human Sense of Justice”

Panel 8: Adam Smith, 14:00–16:40, in A 204, chair: John Skorupski (University of St Andrews)

14:00–14:45 Lisa Herzog (Institut für Sozialphilosophie and Cluster "Normative Orders"), “Sympathy, Power, and Prudence: Toward a Smithian Theory of Predistribution”
14:55–15:40 Barry Stocker (Istanbul Technical University), “Statism and Distributive Injustice in The Wealth of Nations
15:40–15:55 Tea/Coffee Break
15:55–16:40 Jeff Young (St Lawrence University), “Justice, Equity and Distribution in Adam Smith's Moral Science of Economics”

18:00 Busses depart from Fatih University to the Lodge of the Journalists and Writers Foundation at the Bosporus

Saturday, June 8

Panel 9: Rawls II, 10:00–12:30, in A 351(Kırmızı Salon), chair: Alexander L. Gungov (Sophia University)

10:00–10:45 Ezgi Sertler (Michigan State University), “The Question of Recognition and the Exclusion of the Actual”
10:45–11:30 Meysam Badamchi (Istanbul Şehir University), “The Relevance of Political Constructivism for Non-Western Societies”
11:30–11:45 Tea/Coffee Break
11:45–12:30 Nurdane Şimşek (Fatih University), Manuel Knoll (Fatih University), “Does Rawls’s First Principle of Justice Allow for Consensus?”

Panel 10: Personhood, 10:00–12:30, in A 235, chair: Lucie Tunkrová (Fatih University)

10:00–10:45 Peter Caven (The University of Sheffield), “Keeping Pluralism Reasonable: Political Liberalism Meets Moral Psychology”
10:45–11:30 Chong-Ming Lim (National University of Singapore), “Different Persons: Linking Personhood and Justice in Rawls and Nussbaum”
11:30–11:45 Tea/Coffee Break
11:45–12:30 Pınar Karaoğlu (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense), “Inequality and the Experience of Injustice: Axel Honneth’s Plural Conception of Justice”

Panel 11, 10:00–12:30, in A 306 (Mavi Salon), chair: Stephen Snyder (Fatih University)

10:00–10:45 Chris Wheatley (Liverpool University), “Pluralism: Unity Through Justice”
10:45–11:30 Phillip Roth (Munich School of Political Science), “The Psychological Sources of Law and the Notion of Justice in Accordance to ‘Order of Rank’ in Nietzsche”
11:30–11:45 Tea/Coffee Break
11:45–12:30 Joshua Preiss (Minnesota State University), “Comparative Justice and the Idea of Personal Responsibility”

Parallel Panel III, 14:00–18:25, in A 351(Kırmızı Salon), chair: Stephen Snyder (Fatih University)

14:00–14:55 Barry Stocker (Istanbul Technical University), ”Political Judgment and Economic Distribution in Arendt. Renewing Athenian Republicanism”
15:05–16:00 Eckart Schütrumpf (University of Colorado at Boulder), “How Are Claims Awarded? An Important Role for Justice in Aristotle”
16:00–16:20 Tea/Coffee Break
16:20–17:15 Francisco L. Lisi (Carlos III University Madrid), “Citizenship, Justice and Natural Law in Aristotle's Practical Philosophy”
17:15–17:30 Tea/Coffee Break

Parallel Panel IV, 14:00–18:25, in A 306 (Mavi Salon), chair: Manuel Knoll (Fatih University)

14:00–14:55 John-Stewart Gordon (Cologne University), “On the Origins of Justice and the Pluralism-Objection”
15:05–16:00 Angelika Krebs (Basel University), “Natural Justice”
16:00–16:20 Tea/Coffee Break
16:20–17:15 Christoph Horn (Bonn University), “Some Semantical Observations and their importance for a Theory of Justice”
17:15–17:30 Tea/Coffee Break
17:30–18:25 John Skorupski (University of St Andrews), “Justice: the Right, the good and the plurality of ideals”

18:30–18:45 Final Declaration

19:00 Busses depart from Fatih University to the final dinner in Alarga Balık Restaurant ( in Florya